Sara Karacsony Palliative Care Nurses Australia Conference 2020

Sara Karacsony

Dr Sara Karacsony is a Lecturer in Nursing within the School of Nursing, College of Health and Medicine. Sara’s clinical background is palliative care nursing across specialist, acute and community palliative care services. Sara is interested in ‘looking over the fence’ from her nursing specialisation to other settings and disciplines that embrace the perennial questions surrounding living and dying, health and ill health, and what matters as we face ageing and dying. While working in specialist palliative care, Sara joined the project team on the first Australian-funded research study into the benefits of the Namaste Care program for people with end-stage dementia. Sara is the Australian champion for Namaste Care International supporting research and training into a program designed to bring comfort and pleasure to people living with end-stage dementia, and their families.

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