Atsede Aregay Palliative Care Nurses Australia Conference 2020

Atsede Aregay

Aregay Atseda Fantahun +61 (0) 435274793 / P.O.BOX:3199 4/9 Petrie Street, Frankston, Vic, Australia. SUMMARY I have been a lecturer for around ten years. I have included instruction about palliative care to students during medical surgical courses, despite the lack of such services in Ethiopia. I anticipated this may prepare them for the future. I have trained health professionals with the topic of “how to deliver palliative care for HIV patients”. My current PhD studies focus on palliative care. I have audited an undergraduate course in palliative care at Monash University in Australia and have an invitation to visit an inpatient palliative care services in Australia. I attended the 16th Australian Palliative Care conference in August 2017 and the Victorian Palliative Care Conference in September 2017. Employment/ Positions Held Current or Most Recent Position Held Name of Institution City & Country of Institution Dates of Employment PhD candidate Monash University Melbourne, Australia 31 May 2017 Past Position(s) Held Name of Institution City & Country of Institution Dates of Employment Graduate Assistant lecturer Clinic Nurse Axum college of health science Axum, Ethiopia 2007-2009 Assistant professor Mekelle University Mekelle, Ethiopia Since 2009 up to now Education: Degree / Certification Name of Institution City & Country of Institution Date Degree was Issued Bachelor of Nursing Hawassa University Hawassa, Ethiopia July, 2007 MSc in Adult Health Nursing Addis Ababa University Addis Ababa, Ethiopia July, 2012 PhD in Nursing (Doctor of philosophy) Monash University Melbourne, Australia Since 31 May 2017 PUBLICATIONS IN SCIENTIFIC AND/OR A PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL: Journal Title of the Article Date of Publication BMC Nursing A cross sectional study on factors influencing professionalism in nursing among nurses in Mekelle Public Hospitals, North Ethiopia, 2012 Fantahun, A., Demessie, A., Gebrekirstos, K. et al. 2014 Reproductive health A cross sectional study on factors associated with harmful traditional practices among children less than 5 years in Axum town, north Ethiopia, 2013 Gebrekirstos, K., Abebe, M. & Fantahun, A. A 2014 Reproductive health Prevalence and predictors of sextual violence among commercial sex workers in North Ethiopia Alemayehu, M., Yohannes, G., Damte, A., Fantahun, A. et al. 2015 Journal of diabetes &Metabolic disorders Adherence to insulin self-administration and associated factors among diabetes mellitus patients at Tikur Anbessa Specialized hospital Gerada Y1, Mengistu Z2, Demessie A2, Fantahun A3, Gebrekirstos K3. 2017 BMC Research Notes Factors associated with treatment outcome of acute post streptococcal glomerulonephritis among patients less than 18 years in Mekelle City, Public Hospitals, North Ethiopia Gebreyesus, L.G., Aregay, A.F., Gebrekidan, K.G. et al. 2018 BMC research Notes Health care seeking behaviour of mothers on diarrheal disease of under five children and associated factors in Mekelle City, Northern Ethiopia. 2018 BMC Research Notes Factors associated with sexual violence among female administrative staff of Mekelle University, North Ethiopia Galu, S.B., Gebru, H.B., Abebe, Y.T. Gebrekidan, K.G., Aregay, A.F… et al. 2020 Affiliation with civil society organizations and/or academia: Name of Organization Role Dates of Affiliation Axum college of health Science Instructor 2007-2009 Mekelle University, Department of Nursing Lecturer, research Supervisor, and working in community health outreach activity 2009 up to 2017 Ethiopian Nursing Association Member 2017 OTHER: I had a project on community service in self-breast examination awareness in Lachi sub city Mekelle I had member in HDSS (Health Demography surveillance system) of Mekelle University I had community service grant with the title of “Awareness creation on expression of breast milk in Lachi sub-city, Tigray, Ethiopia I had presented my master’s thesis in Ethiopia Nursing Association and I have been awarded as an excellent presenter. Short term Trainings • Toronto Addis Ababa Academic collaboration /HINARI library Service partnership course in: National HINARI/Ptolemy short courses for nurses in Oct.14,2011 at Addis Ababa University • “effective teaching Skills training for higher education teaching staff” form May14- 18,2013, Axum Hotel Mekelle • TOT courses on Urban health extension program, held in Adama from May 25th –June 13th , 2009 coordinated by federal ministry of health in collaboration with USAID • Teaching methodology courses conducted in collaboration with Adwa teachers College from Sep 8/2008-sep.15/2008 • Training of trainers (TOT) on HIV? AIDs and life Skill entitled as “campus life” organized by health communication partnership on March 2009. • Online education pedagogical and technical skills for e-learning conducted November 2009 –May 2010at Mekeel University in collaboration with Alcala University • Ethiopia –sick kids perioperative nursing training (PoNT) program from Addis Ababa University from February 16-March 13,2015 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Seminars/workshops  On experience sharing in nursing in Belgium from Feb 26- March 1, 2013  HIV/AIDS/TB and MALARIA in Hawassa College of health science, Hawassa University, Ethiopia, on 6th -8th December ,2006  “Leadership and management capacity development LMCD-EHE (NPT 272), from February 24-28,2010Mekelle

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