Oral Presentation Palliative Care Nurses Australia Conference 2020

Dying, A normal part of life: What learners see as the one thing they could change in the workplace to enable quality end of life (70336)

Deb Rawlings 1 , Kim Devery 1 , Deidre Morgan 1 , Huahua Yin 1 , Jennifer J Tieman 1
  1. Flinders University, Adelaide, SA, Australia


‘End of Life Essentials’ (EOLE) provides online learning opportunities and practice resources for health professionals to improve the quality and safety of end-of-life care in hospitals. ‘Dying, A normal part of life’ is one of these modules.


To identify the one thing health professionals would change in the workplace to enable quality end of life care, as a result of completing this module.


This online learning module relates to ‘Dying as a normal part of life’ with the module based on a clinical scenario. A free text question is posed at the end of the module asking about workplace change to improve the quality of dying. “If you could change one thing in your workplace to enable quality end of life, what would it be?”

Ethical approval was received (Flinders University project 7012).



Content analysis has identified a number of clinical knowledge and health service areas for improving end of life care. Some could be implemented immediately (individual and team) while others require structural or process changes (organisational).



Providing quality care for those dying in hospital is challenging. Findings identify areas that if addressed may improve the quality of end of live care for people in hospitals.