Poster Presentation Palliative Care Nurses Australia Conference 2020

Technology and palliative care education: enhancing clinician capabilities and the post graduate learning experience (#113)

Louise D Hickman 1 , Michelle DiGiacomo 1 , Tim Luckett 1 , Meera Agar 1 , Jane L Phillips 1
  1. IMPACCT, University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Technological innovation and the World Wide Wed has rapidly changed the face of health care. There is an increasing number of people approaching the end of life without access to health professionals with palliative care education. These professionals need clinican capabilities delivered using technology to be able to provide responsive, patient-centred palliative care. Optimising palliative care for patients can result in more days in their place of choice with comfort and dignity before they die.


There were two clear objectives: (1) To identify palliative care clinicians core attributes and capabilities for the post graduate learning experience and; (2) to use different technological platforms to implement a multimodal education program for clinicians underpinned by the attributes and capabilities.


Using a Plan-Do-Study-Act over 24 months this iterative four-stage problem solving model engaged collaborators, academics, professional staff, industry advisors and consumers from a range of palliative care settings.


Six key attributes were identified (1) Person-centred Care; (2) Communication; (3) Inter-professional collaboration; (4) Leadership; (5) Professional excellence; and (6) Indigenous proficiency. A number of technology platforms were identified and tested with success to prepare students for an advanced level of health care delivery across a range of settings, regardless of where they are based.  Feedback includes perceptions of acceptability, utility, and engagement.


The use of mobile and wireless technologies to support the achievement of health objectives is essential to health care delivery in Australia. Online education using multimodal technology supports palliative care clinicians to improve their skills, capabilities and attributes. Clinicians who undertake multimodal education anchored will play a key role in future mHealth models of palliative care.