Poster Presentation Palliative Care Nurses Australia Conference 2020

This NP Life (#101)

Andrea Coe 1
  1. Hummingbird House, Chermside, QLD, Australia


As the first NP in a children’s hospice in Australia I’d like to share my story and those of the families I’ve worked with.


The poster will focus on the unique role of symptom management , end of life care and care after death of the NP ,within the hospice setting and also within the community. From complex symptom management for a baby who’s seizures are refractory , to home visits in the ‘bush’ and end of life care for babies ,children and teenagers alike.


The NP model of care in children’s  hospices is unique and developing. Using best practice and by forging networks and relationships, this model is innovative and holistic.  



The role of the NP is a unique and challenging role for nurses but holds enormous job satisfaction and provides truly holistic care for children and their families. 


This role and the work done at Hummingbird House provides an opportunity to share experiences with other clinicians and offers nurses the option of role development and career progression 


By sharing the stories of families and by showcasing the role of the NP , this poster will highlight this unique and exciting nursing role. Hopefully providing inspiration for those nurses considering a career as an NP.